Monday, 8 June 2015

A huge "Arggh!"

About my clutter...

Yes, I poked at it and it didn't attack me, so I investigated a bit further.  You know how it is, you poke the beast, the beast is sleeping and you keep going.  Well, I made a discovery (besides the one that it isn't only crafting stuff that has wound up piled in my room).  I've ordered a number of kits over the past year or so.  I've also ordered a number of My Paper Pumpkin kits.  To date I have completed precisely one of those kits.  Appalling?  I would certainly agree.  I can see where I will have to either stop ordering kits altogether or begin completing them so that, at the very least, they afford me an example to show to my customers.  So far just showing them a full package has sold precisely none.

I guess I'm just not a "kit girl".

Anyone looking for kits that aren't available any longer?  I may just have one...or two...or...


Sunday, 7 June 2015

Stop the world and let me catch up!

I can't believe it's already June.  Where has time gone?

In April I managed to join some challenges but a lot of my energy was taken up with Khali Kho.  Poor little furry girl had major dental issues.  Who knew that a cat can have its mouth begin to treat the teeth as if they are the enemy and begin to "resorb" the teeth?  Of course after the veterinarian mentioned that, I had to research the condition on the internet and soon discovered that, yes, the condition exists.  More importantly (as well as more frightening) it occurs much more frequently among cats than one would think.  Upwards of 50% of dental problems are probably caused by resorption.

There is no cure.  There is no medicine one can give the cat to stop the condition.  The teeth will be slowly resorbed but during this time, with the enamel disappearing in "girdles" around the teeth, eating and even day-to-day life becomes very, very painful.   Poor Khali Kho is such a lightweight to begin with and began wasting away in front of me, spending more and more time sleeping.

And so I followed the vet's advice and the advice given on the various sites that I had researched, and had her teeth removed.  Initially it was to be all the back teeth, but under closer examination, during the surgery, the vet determined that the top canines were also affected and so my little furry girl only has her bottom canines and the tiny little front teeth that are barely visible under normal conditions.  She was such a trooper.  Now, a month later, she is happily eating (soft food) and playing.  She has regained her weight and is up to just over 7 pounds---yes, just a little furry girl.

Looking at her one would never guess she's virtually toothless. 

May has been a crazy month.  Of course there is the whole retiring list from Stampin' Up! which has left me with even more "stuff" and no place to stash it.  And don't get me started on the Sneak Peek which has added even more products.  I have to somehow dig myself out of this clutter of products before there is either an avalanche that causes me physical injury or a notification nailed to my crafting room door by the local health inspector saying it's not habitable as is.  *sigh*

Who has time to de-clutter?  It seems that May barely came before it went and I'm now into June, waiting for my first order from the new Annual Catalogue.  Where will the products go?  I have absolutely no idea.  Is it time for an intervention?  I am guessing it probably is.  *double sigh*

Well, that catches me up to today.  Was my post uplifting?  Doubtful.  But at least I've posted again and don't have that little voice nagging at me any longer.