Sunday, 17 January 2016

Catching up to the new year!

It's 2016.  I remember when everyone was terrified that all computerized things would stop working and that chaos would result with the coming of the year 2000.  Remember the Y2K scaremongering that went on?  And now we are sixteen years into the new Millenium.  Yes, there are scary things out there but not the type that they warned would come as we entered the 21st century.

I didn't make any formal resolutions this year.  I'm trying to make changes in my life but those have been ongoing anyway, so making those resolutions wasn't necessary.  I usually wind up making some great sounding ones which are almost sure to be broken, so why bother?

For some reason the cold and snow, even though we haven't had that much snow, are bothering me more than usual this year.  I think I'm ready for a new, more temperate climate and, if it wasn't for the stronger, more compelling wish to be close to my daughter and grandsons, I would embrace a move.  But I'll put up with the cold and snow forever to stay close to those I love.

While I love going out and having winter fun

I'd rather be having fun without all those extra layers.

Yes, the sun makes the snow sparkle like diamonds.  I think it's breathtakingly beautiful.  But then, today, for example, just going outside takes my breath away (in a completely different and more unpleasant way).  

I'm still on the fence about staying with Stampin' Up!  I love many of their products but have come to the conclusion that I'm just not "into" running a business, no matter how casually I run it.  It's the creating aspect I love.  And I look around and see so many other ways to use my creativity that I question whether I want to put all my efforts into the paper-crafting "basket".  We'll see what happens.  

For the moment, my immediate task is to continue the ongoing effort to de-clutter and stop hoarding my supplies.  We'll see how that goes, too.

Hope you enjoy your journey through this year.  Keep safe and be kind.

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